Lunar Astro inviting you to join LUNAR ASTRO CONFERENCE 2021. The complete details for this conference will be released soon.

Meanwhile, you have to submit a form for the screening process.

The location for this conference will be DEHRADUN, UTTARAKHAND INDIA
The tentative date for the conference is 16 - 17 Oct 2021
Conference fee - Will be released soon!

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Rajat Sharma
10 days ago
This happens when a remedy of ketu given to a client and as an option due to religion i told him to go to gurudwara and do sewa of nishan saheb but they thought doing this will be difficult so opted for going to temple. But your karma and dharma(jupiter) are connected deeply. To understand and check simplest remedies of ketu which have never dissapointed me as an astrologer, visit at
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Avneet Chhabra
4 months ago
This is why I do what I do..... Blessings from my clients My clients have showered their blessings upon me in the form of testimonials.
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Garima Agarwal
4 months ago
Some glimpses of magical healings manifestations and blessings of past life predictions have successfully created a world of pseudo scientific happy living ,we must have immense grattitude for our Rishis for giving us the light of Jyotisha and Susruta samhita
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