Lunar Astro inviting you to join LUNAR ASTRO CONFERENCE 2021. The complete details for this conference will be released soon.

Meanwhile, you have to submit a form for the screening process.

The location for this conference will be DEHRADUN, UTTARAKHAND INDIA
The tentative date for the conference is 16 - 17 Oct 2021
Conference fee - Will be released soon!

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Garima Agarwal
Garima Agarwal

I have been practising vedic astrology,lal kitaab,astro vastu and healing for past few years with 100 percent positive feedback and magical manifestations, healing diseases like cancer also,apart from guiding tollywood celebrities I have successfully achieved a seat in hearts of people in my home town with divine blessings of shri krishna and blessings of my Guruji Shri Deepanshuji Giri